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We firmly believe in setting a fixed price up front for the work that we do, so that you are free to call or email us whenever you wish without incurring additional administrative charges.

Tax Planning

The Verus team will be available for all of your tax planning requirements – simple or complex! Our preference is that it’s better to ask permission than seek forgiveness – that means you should definitely come and see us before undertaking any transactions so we can advise you on the best possible outcomes!
Furthermore, through Tax Planning we provide:
Book Keeping
Asset Finance
Mortgage Broking

Business Structuring and Establishment

The Verus team has some firm ideas as to how businesses need to be structured in order to operate effectively, efficiently, compliantly and with as little risk as possible. We offer a comprehensive range of entity establishment services so that you can hit the ground running with your business from day 1.

Income Tax Compliance

The world of Tax Compliance is becoming increasingly important, and increasingly complex, especially given the data-driven world we find ourselves in today. The Verus team can assist with all of your tax compliance requirements, whether monthly, quarterly or annually.

FBT Compliance

The Verus team has extensive experience in the world of Fringe Benefits, including Salary Sacrifice, Novated Leasing, Full Operational Leases, Luxury Vehicle Leases, Rebateable Employers and FBT exempt items. Our team will help you to maximise the benefits to you and your employees.

GST Compliance

Our team has been working with GST from the inception of the tax in July 2000. They have extensive knowledge and can ensure you are receiving the correct GST assessment on all of your transactions, ensuring you do not pay more than you have to.

Payroll Tax Compliance

Our team has over 20 years’ experience in dealing with payroll and all state revenue offices across Australia. We can implement systems to help you effectively calculate your Payroll Tax Requirements no matter which state your business is located.

Wills and Estate Planning

In partnership with our in-house legal counsel, the Verus team can establish a customised Estate Plan and Will, utilising testamentary bloodline trusts, gifting, superannuation beneficiaries and other asset protection mechanisms. We can also ensure your will is kept up to date, and on file in our secure system for peace of mind for you and your family.

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